Honor – Instead of IMPROVE – Your Body

9ways-improveHave you ever noticed how much messaging we see about “Improving” our bodies – making them thinner, stronger, and/or more defined?


The problem with focusing on “Improving” our bodies is that we are always looking at being something “better” than we are today. Doing so leaves our brains struggling to be happy with our current body. After all, it constantly needs “Improvement” according to such a focus.

At the same time, we see messaging about “LOVING” our bodies. Talk about mixed messaging, right? Ugh!

What is another option instead of focusing on “Improving” our bodies?

HONOR your body! When you look at your body, LOVE what you see RIGHT NOW.

Each day, eat, drink, and exercise to HONOR all you are meant to be right now.

WHY today matters most:

You can’t change the past. Its in your past where it is meant to be.

You can’t jump into your future and suddenly have new results today.

You can LOVE your body today and HONOR your body by treating it with RESPECT.

When you look in the mirror today, SMILE and honor all you are today.

Ways to Honor Your Body:

  1. Cardio Exercise
  2. Strength Training
  3. Yoga and/or Stretching
  4. Eating to Energize Your Body
  5. Meditation, Prayer, and/or Focus Time
  6. SLEEP
  7. Treasuring Your Body

How do you HONOR your body each day?