Your Online Voice

Do you ever find yourself holding back?

You see something on Facebook you want to share and think,
But if I do, Person A is going to be disappointed in me.


What do most of us do next? Is our choice impacted by who Person A is? A boss, a friend, a parent.

Is it possible your boss, family member, or close friend will be disappointed in your post?

And so sometimes . . . I didn’t post the comment or image. Fear would hold me captive. I’d make up a story of disappointment that I didn’t even know was true – to stop me from sharing the post or making the comment.
I still posted a lot of comments, stories, videos, and/or images – just not the ones I thought could be “too” controversial – even when I may have believed in the message being shared. I feared judgement and/or disappointment.

Have you ever done this? You really liked a post and strongly believed in it. And you didn’t share it?

Then the irony struck me.

In my work with The DATE SAFE Project, I sometimes get brought in specifically to have conversations many people can be uncomfortable engaging in.
And I do not hold back.
Sometimes might an audience member disagree with me? Yes.
And while I engage that person with respect, I do not hold back.
Because I believe in what I am saying in that moment and in the value of the message we are discussing.

To be authentic means to be our truest voice in every aspect of our lives – to face any fears of judgement and choose to move forward being honest with ourselves. For me, the key has always been to do so with respect.

“With respect” does not mean I will say and/or share in a way that never bothers another person. While I do my best to be aware of the potential consequences of my words (to do no harm), I cannot know how everyone will interpret my words at all times.
For me, “with respect” means doing my best to lead conversations with love and compassion for all.

Whether it be on social media (Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc..) or in-person, may each of us speak openly and be true to what we know, feel, and believe in. May we always do our best to share our voice with respect – with love and compassion for all. And to do so freely.

Your voice matters. Honor it!

P.S. Are you thinking, “Mike, what about the people who engage me online and do not do so with respect, love or compassion for all?” Unfollow the person. You have the right to choose who’s newsfeed you look at. Surround yourself with the people you want to surround yourself with.

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