Are you living by rules that don’t exist?

penguins-living-by-rulesDo you ever feel an urge to do something fun, goofy, or just “because”, BUT you don’t? What stopped you? What rule was running through your head that make you think you better not? Imagine living a life free of ridiculous rules we’ve put on ourselves.

Penguin’s Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist by Jason Kotecki is a book for adults that uncovers some of the most useless so-called rules we can find ourselves living by. It explores some small but mighty actions you can take to turn your life into the fun, adventurous and exciting story you deserve. This beautiful 240-page hardcover work of art is a magical combination of Jason’s whimsical illustrations, humorous wit, and poignant anecdotes.

Jason is a dear friend of mine and so I get to see him and his partner, Kim, LIVE this book in every aspect of their life – parenting, relationships, and business. The 2 of them and their children are the epitome of living without rules that never belonged in our lives in the first place. Watching them live freely is invigorating. Capture what they’ve discovered in this BEAUTIFUL book!

A beautiful book? YES!! Jason is a sensational artist who brings the pages to life with characters and colors that will make you smile, think, and definitely laugh!!!

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Inside a Friend

A good friend of mine was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer just a few months ago. In only 14 days time, the tumors throughout his body had grown and multiplied at alarming rates. What was inside my friend was at war with his body.

Who is the friend I’m speaking of? Have you ever had a friend who is also your Spiritual Advisor? I’m not referring to the minister or the religious leader where you practice your faith (if you believe in a faith). This friend may not even be of the same religion as you – or may not belong to a religion at all. This friend does have a sense of BELIEF and GUIDANCE.

victorVictor has been a spiritual guide to me for over 10 years. We have shared deep, thought-provoking conversations. When I struggled with language in my book of faith that demeaned women, Victor would fight hard to get me to look at the big picture inside those stories. While we never came to an agreement, it didn’t matter. We loved listening to each other’s perspective.

When relatives were sick or family members were facing tough moments, Victor would be on the phone with me saying a prayer for each of them. You could feel the SPIRIT transferring from Victor’s voice into your own soul – like a glowing force of energy.

And so when we received the message from Victor about him having cancer, I knew two things:

  • Victor was going to fight.
  • Victor’s faith would fight even harder for him.

This morning, Victor drove to our house immediately following another round of chemotherapy treatment. He had just received updates on his battle.  The results were . . . a bigger upset than tiny Milan High School beating massive Muncie Central High School in Indiana’s basketball championships back in 1954 (aka the movie “Hoosiers”). The tumors inside Victor have shrunk to be tiny memories of their original sizes – if not disappeared. You can see the actual change in Victor’s test results from the beginning to now on his private blog page at

To those of us blessed to call Victor a friend, the results are not surprising. Regardless of what cancer cells try to grow inside him, FAITH is what fills Victor’s body to its outer limits. While this battle will continue, nothing will dent Victor’s FAITH. He continually talks of God’s service and how God is using him as a messenger.

For us and our family, we know Victor is a gift from God.  We continually see inside Victor a person of faith, commitment, amazing friendship, and of course . . . my Spiritual Advisor.