“Join Up Dots” Podcast is FANTASTIC!

JoinUpDotsDo you listen to podcasts? Do you love having moments of discovery for yourself and your life – while also being entertained? If so, check out David Ralph’s sensational Join Up Dots” Podcast. David’s theme of “Join Up Dots” is inspired by the commencement speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford where Jobs shared that you can’t join up the dots of life beforehand.

Each day (yes this is a DAILY podcast), David interviews a different individual from around world. His interviews are fun, insightful, and revealing.

When I was on David’s podcast a few months back, I shared with friends and colleagues that he was the most skilled and gifted host I had been interviewed by. Since that time, some of my friends have been on his show and all have agreed at what an incredible podcast David Ralph has created.

Through his down-to-earth approach and his ability to listen for the gifts inside of each comment a guest shares, David takes you, the listener, on a journey you might not have expected, especially when it comes to moments of self-discovery.

David helps each of us listeners discover the journeys of others. By the end of each episode, his guest and him has discussed how the dots joined up to get where they are today. By listening, you gain inspiration and specific strategies for making your own dreams and goals become reality.

Because the show is daily and David’s guests are so different in lifestyles, careers, and stories, you can always find an episode to connect with.

Find “Join Up Dots” and David Ralph on iTunes or at www.joinupdots.com.

After you listen to your first episode, will you please come back here to share your reaction? I’d love to hear your experience.