Tinkering brought me to LIVE FB Video

How does “Tinkering” impact you? You think differently once your mind is in the place of “Tinkering.” I’ve known about Live FaceBook Video discussions since the feature was activated by FaceBook. However, I never tried it. Today was Day 4 of my #TinkerProject and suddenly at 7:35pm I thought, “I should do a LIVE Video Chat in 25 minutes on FB.”

My first LIVE VIDEO FB Chat

My first LIVE VIDEO FB Chat

I didn’t know how and so quickly looked it up and announced it 15 minutes beforehand on FaceBook.

What happened? 34 people joined in the conversation. Over 15 minutes in and a phone call interrupted. Oops need to turn my phone into privacy mode to avoid calls. Lesson #1

Moments later, the Internet DROPS OUT and we lose the video chat.

I race downstairs start a new one and within minutes we are back to 34 people participating.

We ended up going 1 hour with 34 people!!! Awesome.

I didn’t know what I was getting into, except the excitement of trying. #TinkerProject.